Step 1. Student Registration

To get help with Planetary Education Services, please fill up the complete registration from below:

Step 2. Student Counseling

After the registration, Planetary Educational Services Team will contact you. We will guide you the best college/university in Canada which suites your Personal, Academic and Financial Profile/Parameters. Our efficient well-trained counselors help to identify the professional goals, enabling the student to take a wiser academic decision, and gives Personal Guidance to help choose courses that perfectly fit your Career Path.

Step 3. Document Submission

To get help with Planetary Education Services, please upload the documents as per requirements below:

Step 4. Receive College/Courses options

After document submission, we will send you the best options available as per your academic performance. Course Selection is the most difficult and crucial factor to make a choice of what courses to take to make proper career growth in future. Planetary Educational Services assists students to choose a course.

Step 5. Select College/Courses

Student select the appropriate course option and confirm to proceed for admission process.

Step 6. Submit application for admission

After the student confirmation, we forward student application to the college.

Step 7. Receive Offer Letter

Student receive offer letter in 2-3 weeks.